Academic Year 2018-19:  September to April 

Single Bedroom: $4200 for 4 months + $100 for 4 months damage deposit
Double Bedroom: $3800 for 4 months + $100 for 4 months damage deposit

This is the cost of a furnished bedroom, including utilities and food.

Two cheques must be provided at the beginning of the fall semester (one for September 1 (for 4 months), one post-dated for January 1 (for 4 months). If you move out in the middle of the academic year (Sept-April), you will forfeit either the remainder of that prepaid semester’s rent or your holding/damage deposit (whichever is greater). Exceptions may be made if you are unable to provide upfront payment, contact us for more information.

If you are going home for the summer months but returning in the fall, please note that "your" room may be rented out to someone else during the months that you are gone.  If you want to hold the room over the summer, the monthly payment will be adjusted to exclude food costs. The damage deposit will be returned at the end of your term, after you room has been cleaned according to the guidelines.