A Vine & Table Update Re: Covid-19 (May 28, 2020)

As the world around us responds and adapts to the Covid-19 pandemic, so too do we here at the Vine & Table.
As of the present moment, we are still welcoming house members for September 2020. Currently, there are three single rooms available. There are many joys and challenges that come with the shared household life that is central to our intentional community house. In many ways, we are more ‘intentional’ about many things than we’ve ever been before!
We encourage anyone who is considering joining us to be in touch with questions or concerns they have about shared life while Covid-19 is part of our daily realities. The precautions that we take continue to shift and change as public health orders address the current situation.
So while the specifics change, the underlying highlights are: intentional – by living together, we agree to value to the well-being of each other and those most at-risk. For some, that may mean more boundaries and restrictions that you might choose for yourself if you lived alone. For others, it might mean less restrictions than you’d prefer. We abide by (at minimum) the provincial and local public health orders, and hold each other accountable.
and community! We have enjoyed more time together as a house since we began sheltering in place. We recognize the great gift that it is to share a dinner table as a household each night when many people are eating alone in their efforts to stay home and keep others safe. We’ve had extra games nights, movie nights, helped with worship services, and gathered together for celebration and lament.


Terri Lynn + Thomas Friesen
House Coordinators