Thomas was first introduced to spiritual Direction in 2010, and he has been participating in the practice since then. After years of living in intentional christian community he experienced a call towards the ministry of offering spiritual direction. Through the clarification of community, he entered into the process of receiving training to offer this spiritual companionship. He began offering spiritual direction in 2018, after completing The Art of Spiritual Direction through Soul Stream. He is apart of the Queens House group of spiritual directors in saskatoon, and is available to offer spiritual direction at Queens House, in his home at the Vine and Table, and through online video calling.

What is spiritual direction?

“One of my favorite descriptions of spiritual direction comes from my time with Soul Stream, It notes both the seeming simplicity, and the specificity of what spiritual direction can be. Nothing more than your own lived experience and God – however God seems to be with you (be that a sense of close intimate relationship, or a distant and quiet expanse).

The simple gift of sacred Presence offered to
another providing a gentle but tenacious
encouragement to open fully to God’s
loving Presence and to co-discern
with that person God’s activity
in every aspect of life.

It is our every day lives that God uses to sp