Fees and Terms

Next Term: September 2021

Following an intense and unexpected year of life within a pandemic, we are in a season of sabbatical or dormancy. We have moved to a co-housing model of separate households for the time being, continuing our commitments to community members in creative and new ways. We continue to discern as a community when we should return to a more familiar looking way of being in community with each other.

That said, we always welcome conversation if you are interested in the Vine & Table, especially as this is a dynamic season our ability to welcome new house members may change quicker than we can update this website!

Contact us with any questions or interest.


Fall Term:  September 2021

Fees are:

$800/month for a double room ( + $100 security / damage deposit)

$900/month for a single room (+ $100 security / damage deposit)

Terms start at the beginning of September, January and May. Some house members are students, others are not, but terms limit us to only having to reconfigure a few times per year. If you would like to move in at a different time, please contact us. 

Creating a community takes time. It takes time to find norms, work through conflicts, plan schedules, and get to know each other. Because of this, house members are asked to commit to a minimum of four months, and ideally, a year.

Fee payments may be made monthly. Fees encompass most basic needs: rent, utilities (including internet), a room with basic furnishings, food*, and the service of coordinators. 

*If you have special dietary considerations, please let us know on your application. We are able to accommodate most diets (except for some severe allergies), but may need to add an extra fee to buy special foods.