Introducing: Vine & Table Garden Produce Shares.

We are trying a new thing this growing season: an opportunity to support the work of the Vine & Table, and receive seasonal produce from our garden through summer and fall!
Our vision for the Vine & Table has always involved caring deeply for people and a place. We have been living as an intentional community for 7 seasons. We have found a lot of joy in welcoming guests, friends and neighbours to our table and our home. A global pandemic has made many aspects of hospitality difficult, while strengthening the 'togetherness' of our house community.
We don't know when life will permit us to share our table in the same way, so we are planning to share the bounty and beauty of our garden with friends of the Vine & Table. If you are interested in financially supporting the vision of our work here at the Vine & Table, you can take some of these vegetables home! The amounts below are suggested, based on the two produce basket options, but any amount above or in-between is welcomed.
Here's how:
Supporters of $10/month or annual support of $100/year (or more):
To say thank you, you'll receive a fall harvest box in early October 2021 (similar to the Bounty Boxes we have offered other years).
Supporters of $30/month or an annual gift of $300/year (or more):
To say thank you, we will prepare a monthly harvest basket of vegetables for you for the months of July, August, September and October.
The monthly contributions would be 11 payments for 2021, Your contributions can be made by credit card below (one-time or monthly), or if you’d prefer, by e-transfer to Please note that we are not a registered charity, and so this contribution is not eligible for a tax-deductible receipt.
We can't promise now exactly what treasures will be in your monthly basket, but you'll be able to follow along on our social media accounts to see your veggies grow! In the spring, we will send a schedule of pick up dates (with some flexibility; we know summers are busy!), and a more detailed list of the items in your produce basket, as well as a recipe idea or two.